We’re powering Queensland’s clean energy future.


Queensland Hydro

Queensland Hydro is a publicly owned entity established by the Queensland Government to design, deliver, operate and maintain long duration pumped hydro energy storage assets that will be the cornerstone for the transformation of the state’s energy system.

We are playing a critical role in helping to meet the Queensland Government’s renewable energy targets and net zero emissions by 2050, supporting the shift in our economy to a decarbonised energy system.


Delivery of world-class pumped hydro assets for Queensland

We will drive delivery of world-class pumped hydro assets to provide the long duration storage and energy reliability needed to power Queensland’s clean energy future.

We will investigate the technical, environmental and social impacts and benefits of sites for long duration pumped hydro energy storage for investment decisions by the Queensland Government.

Our projects will help deliver Queensland’s clean energy future, and generate significant opportunities for regional economies and jobs.

We will work openly and transparently with communities to manage impacts and create lasting benefits for the places we plan to operate.

The team at Queensland Hydro will strive for excellence in engineering, environmental and social outcomes developing pumped hydro assets that Queenslanders are proud to own.



Meeting our board of directors and executive team.