surface drilling and tsm tenders
20 December, 2023 · 2 MIN READ

Activity continues on Borumba Project with two new packages released for tender.

Local suppliers encouraged to apply for the latest round of works, commencing in 2024.

Queensland Hydro has released two Request for Tenders (RFTs) to market for its Borumba Pumped Hydro Project: a Geotechnical Surface Drilling package, and a (Geotechnical) Technical Services and Management (TSM) Support package.

Together, these two packages form a significant part of the Project’s exploratory works program, enabling Queensland Hydro to better understand the surface geotechnical and groundwater conditions within the Project footprint.

Links to the tenders can be found on QTenders.

  • Geotechnical Surface Drilling: CONBUR0232
  • (Geotechnical) Technical Services and Management (TSM) Support: CONBUR0233

Borumba Project Director Leah McKenzie said 2023 was ending with a new and exciting phase of the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

“These new packages of works for geotechnical drilling and technical services management is a major step forward in the exploratory works program for Queensland Hydro’s Borumba Project,” said Ms McKenzie.

Ms McKenzie said that millions of dollars and two-years' work are up for grabs for local businesses, given the number of drilling contractors in the Gympie, Sunshine Coast, and Wide Bay region with geotechnical drilling capability. She said there were three types of drilling required: shallow drilling (up to 200m), deep drilling (200m plus) and groundwater monitoring (up to 30m).

The second package is for a suitably qualified contractor to provide technical services management support for the geotechnical drilling investigations. This will include coordinating the geotechnical drilling contractors, and managing the storage facility and lab work for core samples.

As one of Queensland Hydro’s two proposed pumped hydro projects, the Borumba Project is a cornerstone of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan with pumped hydro energy storage an essential part of the renewable energy transition, offering reliable, long-term storage and ensuring energy stability.

“Pumped hydro has a proven global track record and is key to achieving Queensland's renewable energy targets,” Ms McKenzie said. “It provides advanced clean energy generation and clean energy storage sized for our growing State. The shift to renewable energy is now a ‘must-do’, not a ‘might-do’.”

Ms McKenzie said Queensland Hydro was moving forward on tenders now, given the time it takes to assess them and award contracts, but stressed that no work would commence until necessary environmental approvals were in place.

Tenders close in February 2024 with contract award scheduled for Quarter 2, 2024.

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First published 20 December 2023.