Community Benefits Framework

Community benefits

Delivering enduring legacies for our communities with the Community Benefits Framework.

Update on our Community Benefits Framework

While our projects will bring significant long-term economic, environmental and social benefits, we recognise that this comes with disruption for local communities during investigation and construction. Our goal is to deliver the best outcomes for local communities and all Queenslanders, now and for generations to come.   

This is where community benefits comes in.   

The Queensland Hydro Community Benefits Framework is currently being finalised and will be released soon. 

About the framework

Purpose, values and strategic priorities

The Framework outlines our approach to planning and delivering benefits for the communities in which we operate. It will include our vision, shared values and strategic priorities for initiative selection to inform our Community Benefits Program.

With your input, the Framework is currently being finalised. When launched, it will be a tool that guides us in delivering meaningful initiatives as part of our wider community benefit sharing structure.

community benefits panel

Share your voice

Join our Borumba Project Community Benefits Panel.

Queensland Hydro is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from local residents keen to join the Borumba Project Community Benefits Panel. The Panel is one of three recently announced community-based groups for the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

The Community Benefits Panel will ensure that funds for the Community Benefits Program are distributed to the community, by the community.  

Once appointed, Panel members will be responsible for reviewing, assessing, and recommending eligible applicants for approval by Queensland Hydro.  

EOIs for Borumba Community Benefits Panel membership must be submitted by Sunday 21 July 2024.  

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