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17 June, 2024 · 3 MIN READ

Registrations of interest invited for Borumba main support works.

Interested in supplying for the Borumba Project Main Support Works packages? Find out more.

Queensland Hydro is inviting registrations of interest (ROIs) from prospective suppliers for main support works packages on the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.  

Businesses interested in learning about, or registering interest in, the 13 main support works packages are encouraged to visit the projects Gateway by ICN supplier engagement platform. 

About the proposed Borumba Project  

The proposed Borumba Pumped Hydro Project is a 2,000 MW pumped hydro energy storage system at Lake Borumba, located near Imbil, west of the Sunshine Coast. The proposed Project will help deliver Queensland’s clean energy future and generate significant opportunities for regional economies and jobs. 

In June 2023, the Queensland Government committed $6 billion to the progress the Project, subject to regulatory approvals. Queensland Hydro is currently seeking regulatory approvals for exploratory works, which are due to commence in late 2024. Main works for the Project, if approved, are set to commence in late 2026.  

We’re serious about partnering with industries and communities throughout each phase of the project development lifecycle to ensure success. If our proposed Project proceeds, we’ll need thousands of workers during construction and will inject tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. To us, that makes our supply chain critical.  

About the Main Support Works packages  

Main support works comprise activities that are temporary in nature and enable commencement of main works. Works packages are focused on enabling safe access to site, as well as establishing infrastructure for surface and underground drilling among other items.  

There are 13 individual main support works packages:   

  • Accommodation Camp - Supply and Operations 
  • Communication Solutions - Temporary and Back-up 
  • Main Power Connection Works 
  • Power Solutions - Temporary 
  • Quarry Services - Onsite 
  • Quarry Products - Supply 
  • Roads and Bridges - Onsite 
  • Roads and Bridges - Public 
  • Solid Waste Management and Recycling - Offsite Solution 
  • Solid Waste Management and Recycling - Onsite Solutions 
  • Telstra Connection Works 
  • Wastewater and Sewage 
  • Water Treatment and Supply 

Details about the main support works packages, including description of scope and ROI close time, are available at Gateway by ICN.

Information gathered during the ROI process will assist Queensland Hydro in finalising the Main Support Works Transaction Strategy. Further information on main support works activities, as well as each of the individual work packages, are accessible on the official Gateway by ICN supplier engagement platform. 

What is Gateway by ICN? 

Gateway by ICN is a supplier engagement platform that connects local suppliers with major projects.  

Queensland Hydro and its delivery partners are using Gateway by ICN to communicate project information and supply opportunities, and to assist in the identification of potential suppliers. 

Why registration is important? 

Registering on Gateway by ICN is crucial. It enables us and our partners to easily identify potential suppliers and provides immediate access to information about the suppliers' capability, capacity and experience.

This information is used by Queensland Hydro and its delivery partners to match prospective suppliers with supply opportunities, thereby enabling further engagement. Put simply, registration on Gateway by ICN enhances visibility and opens potential business opportunities. 

How can I register?  

Registration on Gateway by ICN is free of charge. To register interest, suppliers will need to:  

Make sure that you elect to receive notifications for upcoming supply opportunities. FAQs and support can be found on the Gateway by ICN website.

For more information about Queensland Hydro and our supply opportunities, visit our Suppliers page.

First published 17 June 2024.