The future is hydro.

What is Hydro

Pumped hydro defined

Pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) is a proven technology to respond to variable electricity demand. Currently accounting for about 97% of worldwide energy storage, it is a flexible technology that works in conjunction with other renewable energy sources like wind and solar. When electricity demand is high or other renewable sources are low, PHES ensures that electricity network remains reliable for our communities.

24 hours

Energy supply from pumped hydro

50+ years

Lifespan of assets for a cleaner future


Target operational date for the Borumba project

Why pumped hydro?

Pumped hydro is a proven technology. Long duration pumped hydro has the scale, operational flexibility, and low energy costs necessary to ensure the ongoing security and reliability of supply for Queensland’s future clean electricity system with high levels of wind and solar generation.

Pumped hydro allows for renewable energy to be stored and dispatched at times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Rather than shifting energy between places – pumped hydro allows us to shift energy between times. This will become increasingly important as the share of renewables in Queensland’s energy system grows to continue to provide a stable and reliable energy system for Queensland.

Long duration pumped hydro assets are able to supply energy over a 24 hour period, or longer. Long duration pumped hydro stores energy while renewable generation is plentiful and discharges it when there is insufficient generation to meet demand. Long duration storage can also provide intra-day storage benefits, along with the ability to deal with extended solar and wind droughts.

There is a need for both pumped hydro and batteries in the future. Batteries play a role in providing an immediate response to changes in the power system. However, the scale and capacity of long duration pumped hydro is significantly greater than the biggest utility-scale batteries, enabling cost efficient delivery of electricity to consumers long after batteries have discharged.

how it works

How pumped hydro works

Pumped hydro operates like a large, rechargeable battery by using water, geography and the force of gravity.

The Role of hydro

Supporting the transition to renewable energy

Clean energy storage technologies are an essential part of the future power system, and pumped hydro has an important role to play.

Energy storage allows power generation to exactly match the needs of customers. By working as a large rechargeable battery and storing large amounts of energy for 24 hours at a time, pumped hydro will help meet demand when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

It’s also one of the cleanest, cheapest sources of energy storage and will help transform our energy system to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy for all Queenslanders.

Community Engagement

Involving our communities

We will work openly and transparently with our communities to manage impacts and create lasting benefits for all.