Engaging our communities

The renewable energy transition will take all of us working together. We engage openly and transparently with our communities to manage impacts and create lasting benefits for all.

Local Community

Involving community voices

Local knowledge is essential to our process. Our role is to listen and communicate, so all voices are considered in our decision-making.


Protecting the environment

Environmental research is a key part of our work. As we transition towards renewable energy, we are stewards of the lands we operate.


Spreading knowledge

While hydro technology has been around for awhile, it’s new to many of us. Learn about the history and the benefits of pumped hydro.


Honouring our indigenous peoples

We acknowledge and respect the places under our custodianship and work closely with the First Nations communities to ensure heritage is protected.

community connect

Connect with our project teams

We provide a space to ask questions, share feedback and learn more about our projects.

sponsorships program

Community sponsorships

We’re proud to support the communities where we work and are committed to investing in projects, events and initiatives that share similar values.

Our sponsorships program aims to deliver positive outcomes for communities through initiatives such as:

  • Connecting, supporting and improving local communities close to our projects
  • Supporting health, safety and wellbeing
  • Protecting or conserving the environment and practice sustainability
  • Promoting education, training and upskilling
  • Advancing outcomes for First Nations people
  • Supporting local and regional economies