Borumba Project SRG meeting
4 September, 2023 · 3 MIN READ

Borumba Project stakeholder group finalises Terms of Reference 

The Borumba Project SRG has finalised their Terms of Reference after months of hard work by a diverse and committed group of locals.

The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) for our Borumba Pumped Hydro Project has finalised their Terms of Reference as of June 2023, bringing together months of hard work by a diverse and committed group of locals.

The Terms of Reference outlines the key delivery factors of the Group including membership, structure, roles and responsibilities. It also includes protocols for conflicts, confidentiality and media.

First announced in April 2021, the Borumba Project SRG contains up to 19 representatives including:

  • Six from environmental groups
  • Six from economic and business groups
  • Six from community and recreation groups, and
  • One from Traditional Owner groups

Appointment of members was made based on several factors, including knowledge, community interests and capacity. The group meets once per quarter, with the agenda and minutes published on the Queensland Hydro website.

Borumba Pumped Hydro Project Director Leah McKenzie says the SRG have provided valuable contributions to the project, a key objective for the group.

“The Stakeholder Reference Group is a forum for representatives from the local community to share information about the Project. I’m pleased to say we have a great group of people who generously donate their time and are already making a positive difference.

“It is incredibly important to us that we’re listening to feedback, listening to suggestions and ensuring our Project leaves a positive legacy in the community.

“If the Project receives approvals, it will have a lifespan of over 50 years – so it’s important we get it right for the long-term. Engaging with our SRG is key.”

Other objectives stated by the group include ensuring that Queensland Hydro is aware of local issues related to the project, leveraging community knowledge to understand local benefits, and providing a formal two-way communication channel to disseminate and gather information. Information shared with the Borumba Project SRG is available to the wider community on the project page of the Queensland Hydro website.

Borumba Project SRG representatives

A full list of representatives includes:

Environmental representatives

  • Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee
  • Sunshine Coast Environmental Council
  • Save the Mary River Coordinating Group
  • Wide Bay Burnett Environmental Council
  • Queensland Conservation Council
  • Conondale Range Conservation Association and Sunshine Coast Conservation Council

Economic development and industry representatives

  • Gympie District Beef Liaison Group
  • Gympie Chamber of Commerce
  • Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Wide Bay Burnett Regional Development Australia
  • Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union
  • HQPlantations Pty Ltd

Community representatives

  • Local irrigator
  • Lake Borumba Fish Stocking Association
  • Local community member
  • Mary Valley Fishing Club
  • Adjoining landholder
  • Imbil Rural Watch

Engagement is important to us

Beyond the establishment of the SRG, Queensland Hydro is continuing to engage our stakeholders through other activities, reaffirming Queensland Hydro’s commitment to respectful, transparent, responsive and genuine communication. Our priority is delivering the best outcomes for both Queensland as a whole and the local communities.

In July, we welcomed over 150 attendees at our community information sessions in Imbil, Gympie, Nanango, Kilcoy, Nambour and Cooroy. These sessions were held to discuss the Queensland Government’s investment decision in June 2023 of $6 billion to progress to Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

Want to know more about the project? Find out more here.

As at 4 September 2023.